• Needlepoint Buyer's Guide- Choosing Your Next Project

    Posted by Colleen P

    Here at CL Needlepoint, we have a wide variety of canvases and kits for you to enjoy. While it can be fun to simply browse through our website, here are some helpful tips for choosing your next project so you can start stitching - and soon!

    1. 16 categories on our main page - We have made it easy for you to browse by whatever suits your mood from the different categories on the front page. In the mood to stitch some florals? Easy, just click on "Floral." Definitely want a Christmas stocking? No problem, just click "Christmas." Just returned from a wonderful trip to New York City? Great, click "Cities/Landmarks." 

    2. Often you have a specific artist in mind whose designs you just love and you want to stitch. We have made that easy, as well. Just click the "Shop" button on the top white bar on the front page and you will see every artist right there. For example, click on "Laurel Burch" and her canvases will appear!

    3. Let's say you know exactly what room you want to add a pillow or wall hanging to, you just aren't sure which canvas to choose. In that case, you may first think about the best color scheme for the room. Contemporary homes with muted tones may want to add a needlepoint in colors that are creams, whites, or maybe add color with darker browns. Looking for something for the beach house? You may want nautical themes with anchors, mermaids, starfish, etc. If you want something for your child's bedroom or there is a new baby arriving soon, maybe you want something from a children's story or nursery rhyme.

    4. Finally, you may have a specific season in mind that you are in the mood to stitch. First you will have to decide if you want to stitch for the current season or if you want to stitch for an upcoming season. Bear in mind that stitching takes time and your project may not be completed by the time this season is over. Either way, take a look at the categories on our home page - we have all four seasons for you!

    Whichever method you use to choose your next stitching project, you will be investing many pleasurable hours creating a beautiful piece that will last for years to come!

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  • A Christmas Stocking in May??

    Posted by Colleen P

    Well, it may seem early to think about the holidays, but it makes sense to those of us who are stitchers and cannot wait to get started on our next project. At CL Needlepoint, we have a new shipment of Christmas stocking needlepoint canvases for you to start now and have completed in plenty of time for December!

    Check out our store for more needlepoint and Cross Stitch kits and canvases for you to stitch!

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  • New Website Dedicated to Needlepoint and Cross Stitch!

    Posted by Colleen P

    Welcome to our new website here at CL Gifts and Collectibles: www.clneedlepoint.com! We now have a full, dedicated site for our needlepoint and Cross Stitch products, all that will make you say, "Wow!" Our new site features clearer categories and easier searches so you can find exactly what you want. 

    As you scroll through the home page, you will see that you can look for the perfect canvas or kit by browsing via either the theme of the design or by that special artist whose canvases you love to stitch.

    We are also excited to present our new, full website dedicated to our gifts and collectibles products including major league sports, pop-culture, home goods, and puzzles and games at www.clgiftsandcollectibles.com. Or better yet, just click the tab at the top of either website and it will take you right there! We hope you enjoy your better browsing experience and even more products. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions at clgiftsandcollectibles@gmail.com. We respond quickly!

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  • To Frame or Not To Frame??

    Posted by Colleen P

    Those of us who sell our handmade needle arts often wonder if it is better to "finish" our designs with a frame or whether it is better to let our customers choose if they want to "finish" the piece, either in a frame or made into a decorative pillow. Below are two examples of my latest needlepoint projects. One is framed and ready-to-display and the other has been left to finish however one chooses.

    In the first, Sunflower, I have framed it in a contemporary white frame to match any decor.

    The second example, Princess, is one I stitched and have left for someone to finish as they choose.
    So, the question remains, do you prefer to have your needle arts ready-to-display as soon as you receive them, or do you prefer to take the design and frame it yourself or make it into a decorative pillow (or anything else your creative heart desires)?? 



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