CL Stitchers Wall of Fame!

This Stitching Haven designed by Sandra Gilmore was beautifully stitched by Lois in PA. We especially love her "Lois's Stitching Haven" that she personalized in the upper left corner! And look at the texture in that rug.

Here is Jean Smith's Giraffe Watching beautifully stitched by Antoinette in CO. As soon as she saw this giraffe, she HAD to have it and we can see why! 

Paul in FL stitched this Holy Cow by JP Needlepoint and even finished it himself! We really like where he added the "Holy Cow" on top ~ and look at that sparkle! 

Music Room By Sandra Gilmore was lovingly stitched by Gail in NY. Look at that cozy fire and the bricks in the fireplace! This is hanging in Gail's own music room. 

This gorgeous Amanda Lawford owl was stitched by Mary in CA. You can see it a little in the picture, but this one really had some nice metallic sparkle throughout. We love the finish as well!

Martha from MA sent us these Kelly Clark Monthly Santas that she has been working on. January has been finished and she has June and July ready for the finisher. They look SO, SO good and we were thrilled to have her share them with us. 

Marisa in NJ did a beautiful job stitching Raymond Crawford's Starry Night Tallis. Those blues, yellows, and oranges really POP!

These Lee Christmas stockings are sensational hanging by the fireplace! Pat in GA sent us this incredible photo of her finished pieces. They are ready and waiting to be filled with treats. 

And here are 2 more Lee stocking that are just gorgeously stitched and beautifully finished: Kris Kringle and Santa and Toy Bag

Zoey R, CO sent us her adorable finished Piggy Pink by Sandra Gilmore - and Zoey personalized it herself for Bonser!

Here is a show stopper from P.F. in CT. She finished this beauty, Sandra Gilmore's Shiny Brite - 23 x 30 inches! A gorgeous background stitch ~ everything about it is just beautiful!

Marnie, WV, stitched this Stay canvas by CBK and the one below to honor her and her sisters' beloved dogs. This was a very special project for them and we were proud to be one small part of their sentimental project. The mat in the frame is suede, which is a really nice touch. 

The canvas in this Lee leather gift box was stitched by Donna H, RI. We love her color combinations with the orange and blue. Gorgeous!

Here are some really nice color combinations using the fuchsia and green Lee leather gift boxes and the pink flamingo and blue dragonfly. Perfect choices by Carol in FL. 

Here are a couple more adorable canvases stitched by Janet S, MO. The first is Candy Cane Beaver by Scott Church and the second is Noel by Raymond Crawford. Perfect pillows for the holidays!

Awww, Debbie in CA sent her finished Woof ornament to us to feature here and we were so thrilled to see it all done. It is so, so cute!  

R. Newman in MS sent us this teal Lee Snap Tray with a great color match canvas. It looks really good and is ready to hold those keys or jewelry by the nightstand.