Janet S, MO has stitched both of these Halloween canvases: Scott Church's Gimme Your Candy and Sandra Gilmore's Graveyard. We think these are both show stoppers!

The canvas in this Lee leather gift box was stitched by Donna H, RI. We love her color combinations with the orange and blue. Gorgeous!

Amy E, ND stitched this Elegant Argyle pattern belt by Keep Your Pants On Designs. 

June F, MA has stitched this beautiful 18 Hours in Paris by Machelle Somerville

Here are a couple more adorable canvases stitched by Janet S, MO. The first is Candy Cane Beaver by Scott Church and the second is Noel by Raymond Crawford. Perfect pillows for the holidays!

This one was stitched by Colleen here at CL Needlepoint. The canvas is Crab by Amanda Lawford

Barbara W, NY has stitched this delightful Staten Island Ferry canvas by Needlepoint Broad.

Janet S, MO has a great eye for Halloween canvases and here are a couple more beauties! The second one is Scott Church's Candy Monster.



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