Zoey R, CO sent us her adorable finished Piggy Pink by Sandra Gilmore - and Zoey personalized it herself for Bonser!

Marnie G, WV sent us this one that she liked so much she bought 2 more! This reminds her of the beloved yellow and black labs in her family who have passed on. Now she can honor them with this Stay ornament. 

Susan D, VA sent us this beautiful Cecil the Lion designed by Thorn Alexander. She changed the original blue/gray color scheme to this vibrant purple. Wow, it really brings out the detail in Cecil's face and looks gorgeous!

Below you will see Paul Q's canvases and here are two other pictures. The first one shows his own design that he added to the Silver Needle Provincetown sign. In this picture, you can see the finished ornament - just great! Below you can see the stitched, but not finished canvas - it gives a good idea of what it would look like framed. The next picture above shows Paul's finished Florida ornament by Silver Needle - Looks really, really great!

These two canvases were stitched by Paul Q, FL. The Poinsettia and Ivy Christmas stocking by Lee turned out beautifully. Paul customized his Provincetown ornament by adding the background scenery to the Silver Needle sign ornament. Great idea!

Toni L, CO stitched these 2 Silver Needle canvases Jeremy. and Pink Pig ornament. Both turned out to be just adorable!


Janet S, MO has stitched both of these Halloween canvases: Scott Church's Gimme Your Candy and Sandra Gilmore's Graveyard. We think these are both show stoppers!

The canvas in this Lee leather gift box was stitched by Donna H, RI. We love her color combinations with the orange and blue. Gorgeous!

Amy E, ND stitched this Elegant Argyle pattern belt by Keep Your Pants On Designs. 

June F, MA has stitched this beautiful 18 Hours in Paris by Machelle Somerville

Here are a couple more adorable canvases stitched by Janet S, MO. The first is Candy Cane Beaver by Scott Church and the second is Noel by Raymond Crawford. Perfect pillows for the holidays!

This one was stitched by Colleen here at CL Needlepoint. The canvas is Crab by Amanda Lawford

Barbara W, NY has stitched this delightful Staten Island Ferry canvas by Needlepoint Broad.

Janet S, MO has a great eye for Halloween canvases and here are a couple more beauties! The second one is Scott Church's Candy Monster.

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